Fairy Tale by Erich Segal

Fairy Tale in Erich Segal’s own words:

“In Fairy Tale justice triumphs, as it sometimes can. I used to think that truth would win out, but life isn’t always that way. It’s only in fairy tales that justice triumphs. And this is what Fairy Tale is all about. It is a simpler time and place where money isn’t important. It is about the mythical and charming Kertuffel family in the Ozarks, who are happy with their noncapitalistic existence. Their only financial needs are an occasional nickel for the Coke machine. When they inadvertently grow a money tree from magic beans, the affluence it brings is more trouble than it is worth, and they’re happy when the villain chops it down. They end up with a partridge in a pear tree and live happily ever after. It’s about indulgence in silliness and wordplay and childhood.” Erich Segal.