Love Story by Erich Segal

Love Story in Erich Segal’s own words:

“Actually, I have always felt this to be a book about a young couple, but even more about a father and son. When I wrote it America was in the midst of a total generation war (Vietnam, Woodstock, Haight Ashbury etc.). The relationship between Jenny and Phil contrasted sharply with that of Oliver and his father, and I think that the universal appeal may have lain in the reconciliation of the generations at the end of the book.”

 Fall in love with Love Story

I was looking everywhere for Jenny. Had she left and walked all the way back to Radcliffe alone?
I took three or four steps away from fans, searching desperately. Suddenly she popped out from behind a bush, her face swathed in a scarf, only her eyes showing.
“Hey, Preppie, it’s cold as hell out here.”
Was I glad to see her!
Like instinctively, I kissed her lightly on the forehead.
“Did I say you could?” she said.
“Did I say you could kiss me?”
“Sorry, I was carried away.”
“I wasn’t.”
We were pretty much all alone out there, and it was dark and cold and late. I kissed her again. But not on the forehead, and not lightly. It lasted a long nice time. When we stopped kissing, she was still holding on to my sleeves.
“I don’t like it,” she said.
“The fact that I like it.”

Love Story Book Reviews

  • Funny, touching, and infused with wonder, as all love stories should be.’  San Francisco Examiner
  • For someone who is in love, or was in love, or hopes to be in love.’  St Louis Post-Dispatch
  • Beautifully written … profoundly moving.’  Sunday Express
  • Very simple, immensely appealing … memorable characterisations that haunt you long after you’ve finished reading.’  Publishers Weekly
  • A lump forms in your throat and starts growing until it feels like a football coming up sideways. You either fight it or let it out.  New York Times
  • ‘We loved it and we think you’ll love it too.’  Sun
  • Simplicity … Charm … Compassion and a delicate sense of comedy. It illustrates a particular point: “Love means not ever having to say you’re sorry.” That is well said.’  Books and Bookman
  • ‘It’s incredible … A poignant novel of nostalgia and romance.’ The Washington Post.

some of the many Love Story coves
Some of the covers for Love Story (from left to right): Oxford University Press Teaching Guide 2007;  Bantam 1988; HarperTorch 2002;  ISKRY, Poland 1989; Fischer Taschenbuch Vlg., Germany 2004; Oxford University Press, audio cassette 1997