Man, Woman and Child by Erich Segal

Man, Woman and ChildGentle, sentimental and genuinely touching, Segal’s new novel possesses many of the qualities Love Story had.’ Publishers Weekly

Segal’s most mature book … a modern novel of morals and manners.’ The New Republic

A jewel … just about perfect … the instant emotion Love Story had.’ The Plain Dealer: Cleveland

Wonderful … Segal has dreamed up a storyline that can hardly fail to fascinate his enormous public … [Segal writes] succinctly, always on top of his material and with great understanding of the inner most workings of the human heart and mind.’ British Bookseller

‘Memorable.’ The Pittsburgh Press

Warm, sentimental and charged with true parental emotion … It will give a great many readers much pleasure by tugging at their heart strings with that most human of emotions – the relationships between parents and between parents and children … an intriguing situation unlike any I can recall encountering in recent fiction.’ John Barkham Reviews

‘An appeal even more intense that Love Story.’ The Literary Guild Magazine

Tugs at our emotions … unblushingly sentimental.’ Cosmopolitan