Prizes by Erich Segal

Prizes ‘Nobel minds, ignoble lives … The world of scientific research is the background for Erich Segal’s blockbuster … an entertaining read.’ The Times

‘The winning formula for a genuine, 24-carat blockbuster. With Prizes, Segal surpasses anything he has written before. He has produced that rare delight, a gripping thriller … The quality of his writing and believability of his carefully-drawn central persona carry the reader through.’ Yorkshire Evening Post

‘Airport fiction taken to the point of excellence.’ Maxim

‘Wisest, most mature of his novels … a long, richly researched work.’ Publishers Weekly

‘Prizes is guaranteed to make readers laugh and cry … The holiday season is here, and Prizes is exactly the kind of novel that airport bookstands are built for.’ Sunday Telegraph

‘A good, meaty drama involving powerful drives, moral dilemmas and life’s tragedies.’ Washington Post