Erich was always a huge sports fan, and a passionate runner – he ran 40 marathons. He commentated on the Olympics in 1972 and 1976; he also made classic films for NBC on the history of the Olympic events. Erich wrote numerous articles, both academic and popular on running and the marathon.

His dream was to be an athlete, and when he discovered running, he discovered a lifelong passion. “For me running is a spiritual affirmation”.

Eric Segal's Passion for Sport

“Everyman didn’t jog till people were exposed to Segal’s trotting, which he confessed to millions via Johnny Carson’s late-night seminar. Segal taught us to jog in the most traditional – if not the most classical – fashion, by his own loping example. The man sat, rosy-cheeked and long-winded, before millions of recumbent viewers and announced he ran for pure exercise and pleasure.
Now, Erich Segal didn’t invent jogging. But he completed his ciropedic debut on the pages of People Magazine. He greased the transition from jogging as a pastime for post-jocks only, to a pedestrian practise.” Jib Ellis

Eric Segal Sportsman

“I met Segal just once, when he and Kelley were chatting after a Boston Marathon. I clearly remember the kinetic energy – he practically had a nuclear glow about him.” Amby Burfoot

Eric Segal Sportsman 2